Chain-Smoking Chimpanzee Shockingly Popular Attraction in North Korea Zoo

Azalea the chimp is a big attraction at Pyongyang, North Korea’s Central Zoo.

Unfortunately, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Azalea, who’s 19, has learned how to smoke cigarettes. She can even light them herself, either with a lighter or with the butt of another one, chain-smoker style. Visitors to the zoo laugh and clap at this and Azalea’s other array of tricks, which include bowing and dancing.

The zoo officials claim that the chimp doesn’t inhale, but primatologist Frans B.M. de Waal told the Huffington Post that he doubts that’s actually the case, “in the same way that I would doubt a human who smokes a lot but says he never inhales, like Bill Clinton.”

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